Because the Bose SoundBar lacks a power button, the only way to turn it on or access the additional sound capabilities is to use the remote (besides bose app). If you lose the remote, you’ll have problems. We’ll give a couple of options on how to use bose without remote.

How To Use Bose Without Remote?

how to use bose without remote
Unfortunately, none of the options listed below work without remote control, as there is no other method to turn on the Bose SoundBar. However, you won’t need the original Bose SoundBar remote control in these three options.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s look at those options and show you how to use bose without remote. Without using the original remote control, there are some ways to turn on the Bose SoundBar.

Use A Universal Remote Control For Bose System

The first option is to purchase a universal remote control and use it to turn on the Bose SoundBar without its remote. You’ve probably heard of this device, and we’ll tell you that it’s a universal remote control that works with practically any device on the market.

The universal remote control is designed to work with various devices, including TVs, SoundBar speakers, home theaters, etc. So, if you’ve misplaced your Bose SoundBar’s original remote, you can get a universal remote control, which is widely accessible in stores and on other websites.

You may use the universal remote to switch on and off the Bose SoundBar without using the original remote.

Replace The Remote With A New One

universal remote control for bose system
The next option we’ll discuss on how to turn on bose cinemate without remote control is well-known, and you may have tried it already, but we’ll inform you about all of your options in this scenario. The second option is to hunt for a substitute for the damaged Bose remote control or to request a new one from the manufacturer.

If you lose or break the original remote control for the Bose SoundBar, you can get a replacement or a new one at the Bose main website. If the Bose website cannot assist you, you may contact the brand’s customer care department, who will gladly help you by replacing the remote control.

Make Your Own Bose Soundbar Or Speaker Remote

how to use bose soundbar without remote
The next option on how to turn on bose  without remote, which has been increasingly common in recent years, is to program a third-party remote control for the device. In this case, you’ll need to program a third-party remote control, such as one from a television or home theater, to switch on and off the Bose SoundBar.

This option may seem far-fetched, but you may program a report to match the capabilities and characteristics of any other gadget.

The Bose Control Space Remote App

Why buy a brand new Bose remote control system when you have a smartphone? Simply search for “Bose Control Space Remote Application” in your play store or app store. Yes! Bose has created its software to assist you in resolving all issues. It was easier when it came to how to use bose speaker without remote. Let’s have a look at how.

What is the value of this app? This software allows you to turn on the Bose Soundbar and control connected Bose Professional System Components remotely. It contains various features that may be customized for each user.

The features of this application are as follows:
  • The Bose Soundbar can be turned on and off;
  • Changing the volume;
  • Turn on the mute button;
  • Sources selection;
  • Setting the parameters.

You’re probably wondering about the price of this app right now. Don’t worry. It’s completely free and beneficial. This app is created specifically for Bose Professional Networked Electronics users, such as Soundbar systems. This app is accessible for your convenience to give you customizable and straightforward wireless control.

You can see the assortment of control panels. What effect will this have? It guaranteed the most pleasing experiences for free! So don’t forget to install the application and use its incredible features.

Note: You are not required to register an account to use this program. Simply enable the application without creating an account, and you will be ecstatic.

Make Use Of Your Television’s Remote Control

how to turn on bose cinemate without remote control
Yes! It’s time to clear the clutter from the table and decide which control to use. Let’s try another trick on how to use bose radio without remote that will never fail to delight you. It is unaffected by the brand of your equipment, which will be linked to your soundbar. So instead of cluttering your thoughts with various remotes for various devices, use a single remote for everything.

Connect several devices to a single remote and use it to control the audio on all of them. You only need to connect your Soundbar and speakers to a device such as HDMI via ARC and TV through Optical Cable, and you’re done. Control all of the connected device’s and soundbar’s power functions, such as power on or off, mute, unmute, volume up or down, etc.

To set your gadget up, mention the audio output on your television. You can connect the speaker or soundbar to the output using a digital signal connection or even an HDMI cable after configuring the output.

This will allow you to use your remote to change the level of the soundbar and connected devices, allowing you to enjoy every movie and image without interruption. After that, you’ll be able to operate both your linked TV, speaker or soundbar with a single remote and perform many functions such as power on or off, and so on.

Note: When you switch off or disconnect your television, your soundbar equipment will also turn off. So, why not give this new strategy a try?

Control Your Bose Speaker System Via Hdmi-Cec

The majority of recent HDMI devices include CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Look for HDMI-CEC choices in the settings of each device if your speaker system or soundbar and another device (including a cable box, Blu-ray player, TV, etc.) are linked via HDMI.

When such devices’ remote controls are enabled, they can control your system’s volume, mute, and power. Worth noting: Depending on the product, CEC may be referred to by various names in the system menu. Wait a moment to learn how you can turn HDMI-CEC off or on.

You should open the Bose command space app and look for the settings option in the top right corner. Take a look at the options in the settings menu. You’ll look for the power component there. Simply scroll below in the Power area and look for Advanced CEC, and now you will find a choice Advanced CEC. You’ve activated or deactivated HBMI-CEC.

Try it, and you’ll be pleased. You’ll be able to watch your favorite tv shows and videos and listen to your favorite music. And that’s how to use bose wave without remote!

See detailed instructions in this video:

Bose Soundbar Remote Control FAQs

Now let’s look at a few popular questions about turning on Bose speakers / soundbars and cinemate without a remote control.

How Do I Program A Bose Soundbar Remote Control

Remote control programming can be complicated. Installing a remote control for a Bose SoundBar is the last thing we recommend you try because it can be time-consuming and confusing. Still, if you want to attempt this alternative, many videos on YouTube will show you how to set some other remote control to work with your Bose SoundBar.

If you wish to turn on your Bose SoundBar, the most accessible options are the universal remote control and the remote control installation.

How Do You Reset A Bose Soundbar 500, 300, Or 700

It’s best to reset your Bose soundbar if you’re having trouble utilizing it. It’s simple to reset it, but it’s difficult if you don’t have a remote. The primary issue occurs if some individuals lack it or cannot repair it. However, you may still reset the Bose soundbar.

You can use a universal remote to reset it or link it to a remote app. the Bose soundbar effortlessly. To reset your Bose soundbar, you must first disconnect it from your Bose music account. Turn these soundbars on to reset them.
  1. On your phone’s application, tap the play/back and volume down buttons together for five seconds for soundbar 300.
  2. For the Soundbar 500, hold down the power and skip forward buttons on your phone’s app for 5 seconds.
  3. Hit power on your phone’s app, then skip its back key together for 5 seconds to activate the soundbar 700.

After that, your soundbar will switch off. A glowing light will indicate that your soundbar has been reset after rebooting.

Final Thoughts
This article covered the methods on how to use bose without remote. We’ve outlined solutions that apply to Bose speakers because they lack a power button. The universal remote control is the ideal alternative because it has become commonplace and necessary in today’s world.

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