Isn’t it annoying if half of your LED strip isn’t working and you start wondering why are half of my led lights not working? There’s either a blown bulb, or the strips are bent, and you’re unaware of it. This tutorial will teach you about the most prevalent causes of LED strip difficulties and how to solve them.

It’ll be easier to fix any LED strip problems if you know what’s causing them. These options are simple to implement.

Find Out The Reasons Why Are Half Of My Led Lights Not Working

why are half of my led lights not working
LED strips are often built-in 50 mm/100 mm portions, with the wiring in covered areas. The problem can arise in those divided areas, so half of the LED strip is affected. First, let’s briefly go over the most typical explanations and their answers to “my led lights wont turn on” questions.

Reasons Solutions
The bulb is either broken or fused Replace any bulbs that aren’t lit
A power supply that is overloaded Improve the power supply
Damage caused by static electricity Alter the entire strip or just a piece of it
The LED strip is bending too much Make the strip straight
Solder junctions that are completely dry Change the part of the strip
One of the LED strip lights’ colors isn’t working Make sure the controller and strip are correctly connected
Short circuit Solder connections should be resoldered or separated
We now have a complete guide on fixing LED lights that aren’t working.

Why Are Half Of My LED Lights Not Working: How To Repair

If half of LED lights aren’t working, check your bulbs first. The bulbs can be damaged or not connected properly.
  • First, you should check all of the lights from one side to the other. If there are any dim bulbs, they must be replaced;
  • Then wiggle each strand a little to see if any connections are loose. If somehow the strand flashes, there seems to be a loose connection that needs to be fixed.

Should work.

Fixing LED Lights That Flash Inconsistently

When you notice that your LED light is flashing in an irregular sequence, this could be a sign of power overload. The device cannot supply the right amount needed on its strand.
  1. In this situation, you’ll need to switch out the power source and connect your LED strand to one that can deliver more power than is required.
  2. Another option is splitting the LED strip into two sections and connecting them to two separate power supplies using the same outlet.

In some cases this may help.

Fixing To LED Light Strips Of Different Colors

why are half of my led strip lights not working
It’s not uncommon for 50% of the LED strip to project a different color. When you choose blue or orange instead of purple, you’ll see that the strip turns green. This indicates that the LED’s RGB/W is not working.

This problem can arise if the strip is bent too far, dry solder connections or static electricity damage, if the strip is of poor quality, or if the strip is damaged in transport. How can you change the colors of LED lights? Touch and press your LED strip where the light shade is off. It works amazingly once the problem seems to be with dried solder joints.

The lights have returned in the correct colors. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the strip. Only a part of the strip can be obtained and soldered using connector clips. Another issue is that 1/2 of the LED strip lighting does not always operate for one color.

What could you do:
  • Check the cords connecting the strip to the controller first;
  • Remove any connector blocks that have been used to prolong the connection. Then connect the strips and the controller to the power supply directly;
  • Make the appropriate connections. Connect the RGB/RGBW strips’ black connection to the positive power source. And then connect the color strip that isn’t working to the negative power supply;
  • If it still doesn’t function after that, check the wire from the strip’s solder pad. It may come loose from the solder pad.

As a result, make the necessary adjustments.

Why Are Half Of My Led Strip Lights Not Working: Short-Circuiting Solution

When LEDs become too hot, the strip becomes damaged, and the LEDs stop working. The LED light would be brighter if the 12 volts LED strip is linked to a 24V power supply. It appears beautiful, but the strip is damaged within several hours.

Using 24V power supplies with 12 volts of LED strip can be a challenge. One way to solve this problem is by disconnecting and reconnecting the LEDs, but there’s also an alternative that involves converting your voltage from 24 V down into something more manageable like 12 VA and correctly powering the LED.

A short circuit occurs when the positive and negative contacts of the power source come into contact. A short circuit might cause the LED strip to break in just a few hours. It will melt the strip, posing a fire risk.

What is the best way to repair LED lights right now:
  1. To begin, thoroughly inspect each one of the individual strip pieces;
  2. Also, check the solder connections. You must resolder any solder that has come over the connectors;
  3. You can divide the solder with a knife while avoiding the negative and positive sides of the power supply.

These are the main things to check first.

What Is The Procedure For Resetting LED Lights

You can reboot the LED if there are no loose connections and power supply difficulties. It is a reliable solution to any LED strip issue:
  • Connect the LED strips first, then turn on the lights. Keep it on for a few seconds. And then Turn it off.
  • Remove the power adapter while still holding the remote control.
  • Press the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now it’s time to re-plug the electricity.
  • Press the power button once more.
  • It will take a few moments for the LED light to turn on. Wait for that and keep your finger on the button.
  • The strip will now turn on and gradually alter the colors.
  • Release the button you’ve been holding until the yellow color appears.

Now you know the answer to your question of why won’t my LED lights turn on. Your LED strip is now ready for use.

Why Are Half Of Led Lights Not Working

Your space can be transformed into a party zone with just a few LED lights. It also brings joy to your children. The problem arises when half of the LED strip fails to function. But don’t worry, you can repair them yourself once you understand the causes and solutions.

Almost every probable cause of a problem, as well as particular solutions, may be found here. You’ll be surprised at how simple the answers are once you’ve learned them.

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