It’s a beautiful day and you’re out camping with your friends and family. You’ve all set up your tents and are now looking for something to do. Suddenly, someone has the idea to watch a movie! But how can you watch movies while camping? Don’t worry, we have you covered! In this article, we will show you how to watch movies while camping without any problems.

What the Best Way to Watch a Movies while Outdoors or Traveling

how to watch movies while camping
There are a few different ways that you can watch movies while camping:

1. One option is to use a portable DVD player with screen. This is a great option if you have one because it is small and easy to carry with you. You can also use your laptop or tablet if you have one.

The one downside to this method is that it will only work for small group of people 🙁

2. Another option is to use a video projector. This is a great way to watch movies because you can set it up anywhere and everyone can see the screen.

It might be a bit pricey, but this is the best way to watch movies outdoors.

3. The last option is to use your phone. This is the most convenient way to watch movies while camping but it might not be the best quality.

The same drawback as a portable DVD player, but screen and possible «audience» is even smaller.

What You May Use to Watch Movies While Camping

Let’s look in detail on each of these options.

DVD Players with Screen for Outdoor Movies

Portable DVD players with screen are great because they are small and easy to carry. The only downside is that you might not have a good signal in some areas, so make sure to check before you set up your movie night. It would be better to download the movie to the device in advance.

If you dont have one dvd player, we could reccomend you the DBPOWER 12.

Unfortunately, this method will only work for a small group of people.

Video Projector for Outdoor Movies

Projectors are great because they can be set up anywhere and everyone can see the screen. The only downside is that they can be a bit expensive. We could reccomend investing in a mini projector if you camp often. For example you can pick this projector: Anker Nebula Smart Projector and this projector screen with it: Nebula Portable Screen.

You may also need a portable battery to charge the projector. Recommend this model: AC Outlet Portable Power Bank.

Alternatively, you might use your automobile in conjunction with something like this Duracell 175W Power Inverter with USB Ports. It’s cheaper and I highly suggest you to utilize it because it is simple to operate and comes with a future accessory if you want to use any regular device/equipment in your car, such as a small vacuum cleaner, a laptop charger, etc.

It may be a little pricey, but this is the most enjoyable way to view movies outside.

Smartphone for Outdoor Movies

Your phone is the most convenient way to watch movies while camping but it might not be the best quality. The upside is that you can carry it with you anywhere and there are no cords to worry about.

The downside is that the screen might be too small for some people to see. Just make sure to put your phone on airplane mode so you don’t waste any data!

How do you use a Projector while Camping

how to watch movies outdoors
You will need to find a level spot to set up your projector. Then, you will need to connect the projector to a power source. Once the projector is turned on, you will need to adjust the focus and angle of the projector until the image is clear.

After that, you can start your movie! Just make sure to keep an eye on the battery life of your projector.

We also recommend that you browse through some fantastic outdoor movie night decor ideas as a source of inspiration.

What are some other ways to watch movies while camping? Let us know in the comments below!

Our list movies to watch while camping

Now that you know how to watch movies while camping, all you need is a good movie! Here are some of our favorites:
  • The Lion King;
  • The Sound of Music;
  • The Goonies;
  • Up;
  • The Princess Bride;
  • The Sandlot.

We hope you enjoy your movie night! Let us know what your favorite camping movie is in the comments below. Happy camping!

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