For believers in electronic technology, Motorola has become a fairly familiar name. However, not many people understand the meaning of “hello moto” – the phrase associated with the campaign to advertise the brand’s products.

So what does hello moto mean? It is simply understood as a term used in advertising phones for Motorola.

What is Motorola?

what does hello moto mean
No one can deny the widespread influence of the Motorola name all over the world, especially when Motorola has reached a golden age with its electronic products. Motorola is a multinational telecommunications company originating in the United States, headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

Motorola was once one of the leading and most influential companies in the telecommunications and mobile phone manufacturing industry, with the slogan “Hello Moto”.

However, that golden period did not last long. After losing money and suffering many financial losses, undergoing many transfers, Motorola is currently under the control of Lenovo China.

What do Hello Moto means?

Many people will ask, what does the saying hello moto means. So, what is hello moto?

As we can see, the word ”moto” here stands for Motorola – the brand name of the product.

Thus, hello moto is understood simply as a greeting to Motorola.

This phrase makes a strong impression on consumers by its brevity and it uses extremely friendly words…

However, the appearance associated with Motorola during the advertisements, combined with Motorola’s signature melodies, has made hello moto a popular slogan and an inspirational phrase. It also beloved quickly and leaves a deep impression on consumers.

The return of hello moto

According to PhoneArena, Lenovo (China) has recently brought back the familiar tunes and sounds that once created Motorola’s “brand” through a new boot screen for Moto devices this year.

Specifically, the beginning will be the familiar bat-shaped logo, followed by the words “Hello Moto” and the “legendary” tune in Motorola’s immortal ringtone a decade ago.

This contributes to the Motorola brand not being lost or forgotten. Also, it makes many more electronic consumers today know about Motorola products.

This is considered a respectable action of Lenovo China when it comes to preserving and developing typical products of Motorola – the brand line that has reached the peak of the last decade.

So, What does Hello Moto Mean?

In short, hello moto is a term associated with Motorola company. It has become a phrase that when it comes to, everyone will immediately remember its brand name.

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    1. Most likely, you are the owner of a Motorola brand phone and you are hearing this message because you have turned on the Moto Display feature. This is a feature that shows you notifications and updates on your screen when the phone is in standby mode. It can be turned off in the settings menu if you no longer wish to hear the message.

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