What color screen is best for a projector? To answer, we need to look at the comparison and find out the difference between these 2 projection screen colors.

The black projector screen is the most likely lazy answer to the question above because it leads the way in the current use of the projection screen, while also significantly improving image quality during projection.

Let’s find out why it is so popular: black or white projector screen.

Why do we need to use the projector screen during projection?

what color screen is best for a projector
Many people decide not to buy for reasons such as financial savings or space savings. Every house has flat walls so they have thoughts to make use of it.

Indeed, using a wall to project will make space appear larger. What’s more, this is a more economical form of money than buying a projector screen.

However, if your home does not have a wall that has a flat and beautiful surface, the presence of a projector screen is correct.

There are very few walls that are perfect and completely flat because usually, they will have rough spots, protrusions, holes, and ridges. During projection, the light emitted from the projector will be exposed, affecting image quality during the experience.

Paying a price to own a screen and enhancing the quality of the experience is worth it. Compared to watching movies on TV, the projector offers a much better experience.

Besides, the screen offers more benefits than the walls, no matter what color the projection screen is, it always has outstanding advantages over the wall surface.

The screen is not just a fabric, but also has an optical coating that enhances the light’s reflection on it.

As a result, bright points become more vibrant during projection onto the screen, delivering an improvement in contrast and color saturation, resulting in sharper images.

Furthermore, a screen has a conventional and pre-designed proper aspect ratio rather than having as many random dimensions as the walls, so the image will be more realistic, proportional to the actual appearance.

Normally, the aspect ratio will be 2.34: 1, The movie will be projected on full screen projection. The 16: 9 aspect ratio makes the picture fit inside without filling the entire screen.

What is the use of the projector screen?

The projection screen is a large and structured full-surface one designed specifically for image magnification and display purposes.

The screen can be permanently installed, for example, in a movie theater; painted on the wall; or mobile with a tripod or raised floor model, for example in a conference room or other space.

Thanks to the projection screen, the magnified image does not lose sharpness and vibrancy. The resolution of the original image is still guaranteed to bring a great viewing experience to the viewer.

Black vs white: why is white projector screen more popular?

Historically, white has been a popular choice among people when buying a home projector screen. It has several positive characteristics that make itself a favorite screen color worldwide: good light reflection and does not alter the projected image.

Besides, you may sometimes find microscopic holes or sound waves where you can place speakers behind the projection screen. Perhaps because it has been around for a longer time, people mistakenly think that it is the best choice every time they show to deliver good sound quality.

Crowd psychology is one of the reasons why white projector screens are so popular from the past up to now. Everyone sees each other using the white screen, so they also start using each other.

They tell each other about the great picture quality that white screens deliver without wanting to learn about other types of color monitors.

Perhaps this last reason should be classified as the second most important because it is the ownership condition of a projector screen. That’s because white projector screens are more affordable for most people than black projector screens.

The price of the white projector screen is at the standard level and is very affordable while the price of the black projector screen is much higher. Therefore the popular choice is inclined to white.

What is the difference between a black and a white projector screen?

Unlike a white projection screen, dark parts of an image can be completely reproduced by a black projection screen, it even does a lot better than a white screen.

The outstanding point will contrast the image much improved. What’s more, white screens often reflect too much light and cause blinding in bright surroundings.

According to the experiments that have been done, the dark screen when illuminating the bright colors will be very prominent and beautiful. The high contrast has improved the quality of the projected images.

However, despite its many advantages, the black projection screen still has its shortcomings. Images that are too bright, for example, can produce a rainbow effect or an overly shimmering light effect.

On the other hand, black screens are also very susceptible to brightness differences in different parts of the projection screen. However, these problems can still be corrected by adjusting your projector’s brightness settings accordingly.

The black projector screen is still very surprising to many people because it has just appeared on the market in recent years. Also, the price is a big drawback since it is quite expensive compared to the price when buying a white projector screen.

Black projector screens in recent years have risen to become the latest projector screen technology. Regardless of whether the ambient light is strong or weak, black still plays its best role.

The reason is that the black projector screen is not capable of absorbing ambient light but only absorbs light from the projector at an angle of 90 degrees. So you will be able to get a perfect visual experience.

Projector screen: black projector screen vs white?

Constructed from all the above analysis, the black projector screen will be a better choice in providing a sharp output image than the white projector screen, especially in the environment. There is plenty of ambient light.

If all the economic conditions, preferences, and space allow you to own a projector with a projection screen, do not hesitate to choose a black screen for your family. To keep up with trends and deliver the best visual experiences.

What Color Screen is Best for a Projector

For all the above reasons, black projection screens deserve to be the best color for projector screen.

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