If you’ve been wondering how to use compressed air to clean a PC, then this article is for you. Compressed air can be used on all sorts of devices and surfaces, including your computer! Can compressed air damage a computer? It’s not impossible but unlikely. To help keep your electronics safe from harm, we have some tips for how to safely use compressed air as well as what tools will work best with it.

Can you use compressed air to clean a Computer

how to use compressed air to clean pc
In a short – Yes. Compressed air can be used to clean a computer, but it requires great care and knowledge on how to do so properly. If you are not sure how or what kind of compressed air product is best for your needs, please check this article first!

How to use compressed air to clean Computer

Before you start, make sure that your computer / laptop and outlet or surge protector are unplugged from the wall. Next open up any covers on top of each component (ejects), making sure not to remove screws.

Spray compressed air into every nook and cranny inside your system – we even blew out all vents with one blast 3 times over different areas without stopping; 4-in total should do it because we only wanted as much dirt pushed away as possible during cleaning processes.

Leave your system open for a few minutes to allow all dust and dirt particles to settle, so they are easily noticed when you go over the same areas with an air blower again. This step is also necessary because if any of these elements were pushed inside during cleaning, it may short circuit or damage other components! (You can even use a vacuum cleaner if you’d like but make sure not to be too rough and do this under a desk or table!)

After the few minutes, we started cleaning again with an air blower (i use one of these), paying extra attention to how much dirt was in each vent. Once completed, put all covers back into place before placing your pc back on the floor or desk – you’re done!

Be sure to use the product correctly. Never spray compressed air on your computer – it is very dangerous! Only clean off dust, dirt or lint that has collected around vents. You can either hold the nozzle of the bottle against a vent opening and allow pressure to push out any material (be careful not to let go), or use how-to guide like this one! If you are cleaning up after an event where food was present or pets were running around, make sure you disinfect everything before using how-to guide like this.

Also, avoid spraying the product near any open flames or sparks.

It is a good idea to wear gloves while using how-to guide like this one because it can cause dry skin and irritation to your hands if you are not careful!

Can compressed air damage your PC

You might be wondering why we recommend using canned air. The answer, quite simply is that it will do absolutely zero damage to your computer even if you get the refrigerant on there and cause excessive pressure!

In addition compressed air contains no harmful chemicals or compounds which makes them safe for use around electronics, but how-to guide like this should still be used with care. By following how to use compressed air correctly, you will achieve optimal results without any chance of damaging your computer!

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