games where you can do what ever you want
Sometimes it’s nice to be told exactly where you need to go and what your objectives are. Other times, we want the freedom of exploring new places on our own terms with no limitations whatsoever. Games where you can do whatever you want to sound like an amazing way for everyone involved, especially when they’re so wrapped up in this adventure!

Top 11 Games Where You Can Do Whatever You Want

Discover The World Games Where You Can Do Whatever You Want. Crazier things have happened. You can do anything in these games!

Do Whatever You Want in Kenshi

kenshi short review
Kenshi is a sandbox RPG for PC, where anything you want can happen. The post-apocalyptic reality is over 870 square meters of space with a life all its own. There’s no leveling for you here, as nobody starts off in this world and every player gets what they deserve – only consequences!

You can be whoever you want in this game! Whether it’s a slave or thief, farmer and/or hunter for hire, the world will do well with your decisions. You only direct one hero but there are 50 different paths they may take on their journey through life.

Do Whatever You Want in Minecraft

minecraft short review
The game Minecraft is an open-world, building and mining adventure that will keep you entertained for hours. Explore the endless planes of cubes in this wonderful immersive world!

Minecraft is the perfect game for anyone who loves exploration and adventure. You can choose your mode – building or survival with monsters. The world of Minecraft has endless possibilities waiting just around every corner; what will you build?

Destruction and building are in the ground, or on a farm. You can fight monsters at night time or spend it with your sheep! This game gives you free to play games where you can do whatever you want.

Do Whatever You Want in Arma 3

Arma 3 short review
Command an entire military operation in this vast Mediterranean world, with 290 square kilometers worth of territory to explore! Customize your gameplay style and be aware that not everything will go according to plan.

The world of Arma 3 is an open one, with many single-player scenarios and unlimited multiplayer possibilities. You can fight how you like!

An intense, realistic and highly customizable open world awaits you in Arma 3. Choose from a variety of vehicles or weapons to take on the challenges ahead with ease!

Do Whatever You Want in Elden Ring

games where you can do anything you want
Elden Ring is a new game from the creators of Dark Souls. It’s an open-world action RPG with a huge world to explore. The combat is fast and fluid, and the game has a unique magic system that allows you to create your own spells. Elden Ring is a challenging game that will keep you coming back for more.

It has a huge open world to explore and do whatever you want.

Elden Ring is a great game for fans of Dark Souls and open-world action RPGs. If you’re looking for a challenge, Elden Ring is definitely worth checking out.

Do Whatever You Want in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 short review
One of the most famous and successful video game series ever created is The Sims. Why? It’s a perfect base for experimenting with different outcomes!

We all know The Sims is a game where you create your own character, bring them home and try to maintain good relations with their neighbors. But let’s face it- this realistic scenario gets boring quickly!

Imagine a world where the weirdest desires of your imagination can come true. With DLCs for The Sims 4, you now have access to many different worlds and adventures!

Do Whatever You Want in Grand Theft Auto 5

Do Whatever You Want in GTAuto 5
The next installment in the hit action series from Rockstar Games, famous for freedom of playstyle. Choose your path and wreak havoc on this city’s streets!

The open world of Los Santos is the promised land for all your fun needs.

Step into a world of criminals and explore the criminal underbelly. Heists, car races – it’s all here in Grand Theft Auto. It is like an open-world version of Thieves City. You can explore, get rich and buy impressive houses or cars in this huge city with secret collectibles that give amazing bonuses when found!

Do Whatever You Want in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 short review
The world is your oyster in this cyberpunk RPG from the creators of The Witcher. Set off on an adventure through a massive futuristic city to unravel the intrigues and play with implants! But let’s see if it also gives you freedom like other games do?

Cyberpunk is more than just a video game, it’s an open-world where you can do whatever your heart desires.

The game has an extensive character customization system that allows players to create their own heroes and go on quests. There are many surprises in the world such as easter eggs, Night City with its abandoned warehouses for exploration–all this while fighting crime or making friends at local bars if you want! You can also drive around town to get new vehicles.

Do Whatever You Want in Skyrim

game where you can do whatever you want
The world of The Elder Scrolls is an entire series with limitless potential for fun. You’ll find that same feature, Skyrim- a favorite fantasy RPG where you create from start to very end!

The decisions you make in this game will affect your path. Complete quests for one faction or another, kill monsters in swamps and steal from other players while exploring new opportunities to spend time hunting them down. In your spare time, build a house and go fishing. Or marry the love of your life!

Do Whatever You Want in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley short review
Abandoning the big city for some peace and quiet may be just what you need. Jump into this fantastic farming adventure where you are hero on an exciting journey to fulfill all expectations!

Stardew Valley is a game that will take your attention for hours on end with its addictive gameplay.

Explore a world where you can be whatever person or thing that suits your fancy. Farm to fight monsters, catch fish for dinner on the lake near my house, date, fall in love, and marry – it’s all here waiting just below surface level!

Do Whatever You Want in Civil

Civil short review
This is the ultimate free-for all. There are no rules and regulations in this game, which means you can do whatever your imagination suggests! It’s a multiplayer experience that brings thousands of possibilities to life with its mix between survival mode or social interactions–it also includes some pretty fun mini-games, too like tycoon-style entrepreneurship.

Do Whatever You Want in Dwarf Fortress

free to play game where you can do what ever you want
The game’s adventure mode allows for endless playtime with tons of character age choices and a world procedurally generated so you can get your desired assortment. It also includes a top-to bottom arrangement that includes social abilities as well stuff like music or dance!

The player is free to explore the world and take on any number of different tasks. Some might be as simple as taking out pillaging outlaws or chasing a vampire; other activities may require more in-depth investigation such as solving old grave mysteries with artifacts from long ago!

Games Where You Can do Anything You Want: Bottom Line

Freedom is an amazing feeling game where you can do anything you want, provide for so many activities and give the player a sense of unlimited power with their choices.

It is so fun to play in an open-world game because you feel like the world does not need its ultimate hero. They live their lives with a rhythm, and we are only temporary guests who alter that deep history for them while experiencing something new each time through gameplay.

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