Onion over VPN vs Double VPN

Talking about hiding anonymity, hiding geographical location, and activity of users, Onion over VPN vs double VPN is chosen and compared by many people. In this article, we will analyze the Onion over VPN vs Double VPN in detail so that readers can consider the option more easily.

Details About Double Vpn

Stemming from a customer’s need to be effectively connected and not disclose operational information, Double VPN was born 🙂

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Functions of Double VPN

Here are some of the main functions of Double VPN.


To be able to establish a Double connection, both parties must authenticate to confirm they are communicating with the correct, predefined object.


To be sure that your data will not be changed or there will be any information disturbance in transmission.


All user data is encrypted before transmission (public network) and will be decoded on the receiver side. By doing this, no one can access your information without your permission.

Advantages of Double VPN

With a VPN, all user data is encrypted. This is useful in preventing information from being leaked including network activity and geolocation.

Cost savings

Using Double VPN will help companies or individuals reduce the initial investment cost and the cost of frequent use. The fact that you own a Double VPN network compared to renting bandwidth, backbone network equipment, and maintaining the system’s operation will be minimized and greatly reduced.

Flexible in use

The flexibility mentioned here is always shown when using it by the customer. Users can use this to connect between individuals in the enterprise or group.

Expanding the system

Thanks to the easy connection of any location, the application, and flexibility of Double VPN are very high. A remote office can easily connect to the corporate network using a phone line or DSL… And the VPN is easily removed when needed. Bandwidth scalability is when an office or branch requires more bandwidth, it can be easily upgraded.

Minimize technical support

Standardization of an ISP connection from the mobile object to a POP and standardization of security requirements has reduced the need for technical support for the VPN network. And today, as service providers take on more of the network support tasks, the technical support requirements of the users are decreasing.

Serve commercial needs

VPN products and services conform to today’s common standards, partly to ensure product performance, but perhaps more importantly, for products of many different vendors to work together. For new telecommunications equipment and technologies, issues to consider are standardization, governance, scalability, network integration, inheritance, reliability, and performance. especially the commercial capabilities of the product.

Minimize equipment requirements

By providing a single solution for businesses to dial-up Internet access, VPNs require less equipment, much simpler than maintaining separate modems, compatible cards (adapters) for remote access terminals and servers.

An enterprise can set up client devices for a single environment, such as a T1 environment, with the rest of the connection being made possible by the ISP. The T1 unit can do the setup of the WAN connection and maintain it by altering the modem band and core circuits of Frame Relay with a single wide area connection that can satisfy the traffic needs of remote users, LAN-LAN connection, and Internet traffic at the same time.

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Details About Onion Over Vpn

With Tor, the provider indicates that when you use a browser provided by their party, all of your connections are secure (including network activity and geolocation). And with Onion over VPN your data will be protected at all times and all locations.

The official Tor documentation says that you don’t need to use a VPN with Tor for increased privacy. The Tor Network configuration is also very secure. Although the threat of malicious exit and entry nodes does exist, it shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Information from your computer, when sent to the first server, will be encrypted. So the curator will not be able to grasp the information you have submitted. This first server, when it receives your information transmitted, performs one more encryption operation, and then passes it to the second server. The information is then passed to a third-party server to be decoded, and finally sent to the recipient’s address.

When information is transferred to a third-party server, it can be read, but cannot know where the information originated, because there was an interaction between two machines: owners 1 and 2 earlier. To do this, Tor places a lot of intermediary servers all over the world, so that people cannot know your real location.

Advantages of Tor over VPN and VPN over Tor

onion over vpn vs double vpn
A VPN over Tor includes an improvement in privacy and data protection. This allows us to access websites that do not allow connections from known Tor exit nodes. It also protects potentially malicious exit buttons. Of course, this method requires configuration and any errors in the process could expose our data.

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In short, we can say that it is possible to use a VPN in conjunction with Tor. That is something that will not harm our security and privacy, but even in certain cases, as we have seen, it is possible to add an extra layer. It should be mentioned, however, that it is important to use a reliable, secure VPN service and in any event, may compromise our privacy. We already know that we have many available but not all of them are safe.

As we have pointed out, privacy is a very important factor for all Internet users. While surfing the web we can face many threats of trying to obtain information, steal data, and compromise. For this reason, we must always take non-compromise measures of our systems. In addition to the tools we use, common sense will also be important.


Thus, whether you use Double VPN or Onion over VPN, your main purpose is towards information security. And Onion over VPN vs Double VPN can do the above. Depending on your needs and which method is more convenient, you can choose the method that best suits you!

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