What is a Double VPN

Double VPN is an option that many users consider to be able to ensure the security of their information. So What is a double VPN? And what is the option double VPN? What is double VPN for? In this article, you will get the information you need to answer the problems surrounding double VPN!

What is double VPN?

what is a double vpn
Double VPN implies adding a second layer of VPN security to a normal VPN administration. There are numerous approaches to arrive, and a small bunch of VPN suppliers has presented this component.

The work of a VPN is to add a safe, scrambled passage between your gadgets and the objective worker. The twofold VPN innovation utilizes, in any event, two such encoded burrows between the gadget and the objective host. At the point when the above two VPN workers take an interest, we can utilize terms like “VPN chain”, “VPN layers”, and so on.

This can fall into the categories shown below.

A VPN supplier offers at least two servers

A few business VPN suppliers have presented a Double VPN highlight, which utilizes two workers together, and traffic is steered among source and objective directed among source and objective in cooperative effort steering.

For instance, NordVPN offers a devoted double VON class on its application. When associated, the second VPN worker will turn into your default IP address, and the first is as yet covered up profound inside a layer.

In any case, you utilize a supplier that doesn’t have this element, you can in any case utilize Double VPN.

The two VPN providers have separate VPN servers

For security reasons, it is smarter to cover up both VPN workers from their VPN suppliers. If you have bought two VPN administrations, you can utilize them successively. To start with, utilize a standard VPN supplier and ensure the new IP address mirrors the change.

At that point, download another VPN supplier’s application. Ensure that the past VPN’s IP address is appearing in the subsequent application. Associate with the new VPN.

Begin riding the web with the new VPN supplier that will not have any data about your genuine IP address. The solitary drawback is that web riding rates can be exceptionally lethargic, so this isn’t the suggested technique. Likewise, it will be more costly on the off chance that you utilize two business VPNs.

A regular VPN server with a proxy/extension

Quite possibly the best approach to utilize Double VPN is to consolidate an ordinary VPN with a program intermediary or VPN augmentation. For instance, after beginning a distant convention on your customary VPN, you can download a Chrome augmentation called uVPN, which is free and dependable as far as availability.

The new IP address will be that of the Chrome augmentation, and your genuine IP address is taken cover behind a standard VPN arrangement.

A regular VPN server along with a VPN installed on the virtual machine

On the off chance that you need to fundamentally build your secrecy, it’s ideal to utilize a VPN on a virtual machine. This cycle is tedious, however utilizing a VPN on a virtual machine will isolate your online activity from the genuine framework, and be taken cover by another VPN worker. You can utilize a similar VPN supplier on both the genuine machine and the virtual machine.

What is the option double VPN?

There are many free Double VPN providers available today. But according to our reviews, Free Double VPNs often have a lot of limitations. Therefore, in this section, we will give you some Double VPN providers at a reasonable cost, ensuring the benefit of users. At the same time, with the continuous development of cybercriminals and Internet surveillance, VPN services are increasingly popularized. The market today offers a ton of great VPN options. Below we have summarized how you can judge whether a VPN provider is reliable or not? And offer some reliable Double VPN providers.

How to choose a reliable VPN provider

How do I know for sure if a VPN is worth using? Here is a list of VPN features that customers should pay attention to!

List the things you need in a VPN

You’re not going to go into an Apple store and buy the first laptop you see. The same goes for VPNs.

If you need a VPN for the entire family, a VPN to introduce on your switch – or a VPN that permits numerous gadgets to be associated simultaneously – at that point you should search for a VPN that can.

If you expect to watch films on the web, you need a VPN with high velocity, dependable association, and limitless transfer speed. Once more, you need a VPN with great security capacities and workers found everywhere in the world.

Once you’ve determined what you want to use a VPN for, make a list of important features to you and what is not needed. Once this is done, you should find it easier to choose a VPN.

Look at each of the features of the VPN

Every VPN company focuses on one feature. If you want to view geo-blocked content, your priority will be to find a reputable VPN to unlock the content. For example, there are a lot of VPNs that have trouble bypassing Netlfix’s VPN block command, but Surfshark successively overcomes this obstacle.

If you’re a journalist or someone who values ​​privacy and anonymity, a VPN that doesn’t record and has secure encryption is your top priority. You should also consider the security protocols and whether the VPN turns itself off when the network is disconnected.

Find a VPN that has a user-friendly interface

Lots of VPNs have complex setups and user interfaces. So, if you are not tech-savvy and don’t want the hassle of trying to configure a VPN, it’s important to find a VPN that has a simple sequence and a user-friendly platform.

Some VPNs have virtual settings, so you don’t need to touch a finger and still install the software.

Find a VPN with reliable customer service

One of the most important but often overlooked elements of a VPN is whether or not the service provider has 24/7 customer support.

VPNs are ever-changing, and being able to easily reach the person who will help you when you run into problems is crucial.

We prefer VPNs with live chat features, as email exchanges can take hours – if not days – to receive an answer.

Certainly, the company guarantees a refund to its users

Refunds are a great way to ensure you don’t get stuck with something you don’t like.

If you bought a VPN but found it was not right for you, then getting out of the deal will be a big deal.

Look for a VPN that promises to refund you for a specific amount of time, and you won’t need to stick with that VPN until the end of your contract. All of our top VPNs offer free trials or money-back guarantees.

Some options for double VPN

The ranking is based on: number of server locations, client software, Dedicated IP and Dynamic IP, security, logging, customer support, and pricing.

NordVPN for double VPN

General information:
  • Number of IP addresses: 5000
  • Number of servers: 5000+ servers
  • Number of server locations: 61
  • Country / Region within jurisdiction: Panama
  • More than 60 countries
  • ~$ 2.99 / month (75% discount) for a 3-year plan.

NordVPN is number one on this list. NordVPN offers the most generous number of connections (six concurrent connections via the network). NordVPN’s network is not as large as some of its competitors.

In any case, their solidarity lies in their center VPN administration, which as of now has a momentous organization with more than 5,500 workers in over 60 nations throughout the world. This makes them one of the greatest, most exceedingly terrible canines in the VPN business.

It provides users with steady speed, reliable performance, great secrecy choices, and extraordinary pricing options.

NordVPN’s best plan is a 1-year subscription that costs $ 88.88. While the fairly high monthly price of $ 11.95 the yearly package is lower than most of the other candidates that look on this list. NordVPN also has a 30-day refund policy. NordVPN offers a dedicated IP option, exclusively for those looking for another level of VPN connection. Besides, NordVPN currently offers quite a discount if you buy a 3-year package.

  • Sensible long haul plan cost
  • Respectable and include pressed
  • A huge network of servers
  • P2P is restricted to explicit workers

SurfShark for double VPN

General information:
  • Number of servers: 3,200
  • Server locations: 100+
  • Number of countries, regions within jurisdiction: 65
  • Maximum number of supported devices: Unlimited

Surfshark has been actively involved in the VPN market over the past few years. The main attraction here of Surfshark is its attractive pricing. The number of connections is also not limited. So if you plan to use VPN on a laptop, desktop (compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux), tablet, a few mobile phones (both iOS and Android), and Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch TV overseas, just registering an account is enough. And in theory, you can even allow friends and family members to use it.

But the success of this VPN is not just based on cost. Surfshark is also really user-friendly. If you don’t like complicated menus and loads of options, then Surfshark is the ideal VPN for you. The interface of this VPN is completely removed from redundancy and nothing complicated. All you’ll see are options for “Quick connect” and “All locations,” which come with the Settings icon.

Surfshark does a great job of keeping your online identity safe and secure. It has now added the new WireGuard protocol to the OpenVPN UDP, TCP, and IKEv2 options. Additionally, Surfshark boasts a private DNS and an additional layer of security through a dual-hop VPN. Surfshark also succeeds in unblocking geo-restricted access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney +, etc.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try it out before signing up for a longer period.

Advantages of Surfshark:
  • The cost is difficult to beat
  • Quick and stable
  • Safety
  • Good reputation
Disadvantages of Surfshark:
  • A smaller team of servers

ExpressVpn for double VPN

General information:
  • Number of IP addresses: 15,000
  • Number of servers: 1,700+
  • Number of server locations: 145
  • Country / Region within jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands

ExpressVpn also offers a 30-day money-back countries/regions guarantee and is capable of impressive protocol support. There are a few people who use PPTP (unless there is a specific need). Additionally, the additional support for SSTP and L2TP / IPSec may be expected by some users.

ExpressVpn’s setup instructions and detailed information on the FAQ section are impressive. ExpressVpn has scored points for its ability to support Bitcoin as a payment method and its reliable and easy-to-use “skill switch”.

ExpressVpn has been around since 2009 and has a large network of fast VPN servers spanning 94 countries. The best plan is the annual plan (costs around $ 6.67 / month on average and gets 3 months free). ExpressVpn’s commitment to privacy is also a standout advantage.

Advantages of ExpressVPN:
  • Fast and stable
  • High safety
  • Good reputation
Disadvantages of ExpressVPN:
  • Expensive

What is double VPN for?

Double VPN not only allows you to access blocked content but also protects and helps secure your internet connection. When using Double VPN, you will receive:
In addition to WIFI sneaking, hackers, and honeypot attacks – public networks are quite risky and should not be used by users. Therefore, instead of using public networks in fear, it is wise to choose VPN networks.

Although VPNs were originally developed to allow corporate employees to securely connect to their corporate networks so that they can work remotely without the office, VPNs are now widely used to surf the web anonymously, thus providing privacy and allowing bypassing government censorship at work, school, state, etc.), avoiding hacking when using public WiFi, and unblocking Blocked websites according to the user’s geographical location.


With this article, we hope that you have had a better overview of Double VPN and some of the quality VPN providers we have gathered. Thank you for following our article!

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