“How to turn off Xbox one controller auto sleep?” is a question that many gamers wonder about to bring the best experience to their game. To keep Xbox one controllers on, we need to turn off auto sleep settings or use some accessories like a USB charging cable and rubber strap.

Xbox one controller is known as a game controller that is powered by battery or direct power, it usually has an auto off function after a certain period of inactivity to save battery and preserve its longevity.

However, in some games, gamers don’t want this feature, they just want to turn off the Xbox controller manually. The reason is that these games require access time in exchange for other in-game benefits.

How to keep Xbox one controller from turning off?

how to keep xbox controller from turning off
To prevent the Xbox one controller from going to sleep, we should first check the control panel settings. Some consoles incorporate this function based on an optional mode, meaning that players can choose whether or not to sleep automatically for the console. If you find out that auto sleep mode is open then turn it off instant on your Xbox one controller.

The Xbox one controller that can turn off sleep mode is usually the most modern of the console models. Producers always listen and change the console to suit the needs of the player and the requirements of the game.

Older control panels do not have this function because the manufacturer at that time did not receive much feedback from the users on this issue.

If you don’t know exactly if the control panel has that mode, go to the control panel settings and check all the items manually to make sure no one is left out. If the Xbox One controller can’t turn off auto sleep then maybe we should find an alternative method.

How to keep your Xbox one controller on all night?

If the first method above doesn’t work for your console then you will need to use it manually more than that. The way how to stop your Xbox one controller from going to sleep is to use the USB charging cable or micro USB cable to plug into the console, connect to the power source to replace the battery.

Why the question “how to keep your Xbox one controller on all night?” was answered with a charging cable? This is the experience drawn from gamers themselves in the process of playing their games.

Xbox one controller consoles often use a compatible USB or micro USB charging cable to charge the battery if the battery is depleted during gameplay. So gamers take advantage of this as a way to prevent the console from falling asleep.

This seems like a way to “fool” the dashboard. In the presence of wired connections, the console will “mistakenly believe” that someone is using it.

People should remove the battery of the Xbox controller to avoid affecting battery life.

A support method to prevent Xbox one controller from falling asleep

Besides, to increase the reliability of this method, gamers should use an extra rubber strap to tie the control button. Xbox one controller will think that someone is pressing a button to play a game so it will not be able to fall asleep.

How to turn off Xbox

Shutting off your Xbox is easy. Just press the power button on top of it for about 10 seconds to completely turn off, or leave in either energy saving mode (which saves power) and instant-on standby modes if you want more immediate access but less long term use from batteries compared with full shutdowns.

What happens when you completely shut down your Xbox?

A Full Shutdown will totally put out any light coming out of its LED screen. However other methods may also lead some consoles into different options like turning themselves into hibernation where they can resume operations at some point later-or even reactivating right away without needing much time passing since being suspended previously!

How to stop xbox controller from turning off

These steps will help if your controllers keep turning off unexpectedly. Remember that if your controllers keep turning off, it might be because of a broken power supply. If that’s the case, you will need to replace your power supply in order to continue using your Xbox console.

  • Power off the Xbox One Console;
  • Disconnect the AC power cord from the back of the console;
  • Reconnect the power cord to the console and plug it into a working outlet;
  • Press and hold the sync button on top of the controller for about 15 seconds untilthe Xbox One logo appears on the controller;
  • Once you see the logo, release and wait for it to reappear;
  • You can now sync your controller back to the console;
  • Power down Xbox One Console by holding down power button on front of system until screen goes black (about five seconds);
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of Xbox One Console;
  • Wait fifteen seconds and plug the power cord back into the console;
  • Press the sync button on top of your remote until you see an image appear on it (about ten seconds);
  • You can now sync your wireless controller;
  • Disconnect the Xbox from the power source;
  • Wait a few seconds and reconnect it back to the power source how to stop xbox 360 from turning off;
  • If these steps do not work, you may need to replace your power supply how to stop xbox 360 from turning off.

This how to stop xbox controller from turning off in less than 15 seconds. We hope this article was helpful! If not please leave us feedback for how we can improve our site or what else would like added.

What is Xbox one controller?

how to turn off xbox one controller auto sleep
Xbox One is a handheld game console produced by Microsoft with many outstanding features such as an 8-core CPU, hundreds of GB of internal memory, and the ability to play videos at 4K resolution.

This is a gaming device that is favored by many gamers, but as well as other peripherals to connect to the Xbox One computer also need a driver or Xbox One Controller Driver.

When the driver is installed, the computer will recognize the Xbox One and the game console can receive commands to be executed from the computer.


In short, checking the settings, using a wired connection, and tying the rubber band to the control button are all ways to keep the Xbox one controller active. Understanding and implementing how to prevent it from falling asleep gives you a better experience during gameplay.

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    1. Microsoft is also allowing Xbox owners to dim the LED brightness on their controllers in this night mode and turn off or hide that pesky power light. The new feature makes it easier for gamers who play at odd hours of day due to work, school etc., so they can enjoy playing games without being distracted by an unnecessary bright screen blinding them from what should be a dark room while trying desperately not miss any crucial moments because your eyes are half closed!

    1. The shor answer is that you can’t. There are a few things that you can try, however, such as:

      – making sure that the batteries are fully charged
      – keeping the controller close to the console
      – turning off any unused controllers
      – disabling power saving mode on the console.

      None of these are guaranteed to work, but they may help extend the life of your controller’s batteries. If you’re still having trouble, you may need to buy a new controller or battery pack.

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