“What is an a3 printer?” and “why is it so popular?” are some common questions about A3 printers.

The A3 printer is one of the types of machines capable of printing when connected to a computer in an A3 or some smaller paper sizes.

This type of printer is suitable for those with high printing needs, high printing intensity, and who need to print on many different paper sizes.

The differences between a3 and a4 printers

what is an a3 printer
The printers are not the same, each machine will have different sizes, printing speed, printing method, and paper size. We will understand these issues better when studying the difference between a3 and a4 printers.

Difference Between A3 and A4 Printers

First, in terms of size, the A3 printer measures about 11.69 x 16.53 inches, which is larger than the usual size of the A4 printer which is 8.27 x 11.69 inches. As a result, A3 printers will need more space to handle the job.

Second, in terms of paper size, the A3 printer uses A3 paper size – a fairly large paper size so this printer can print large documents, pictures such as posters, construction drawings, books…

Moreover, this printer Not only can one size A3 paper be used but also a smaller paper size, typically A4 paper.

Therefore, this printer can also take on the role of printing papers, documents… On the contrary, this cannot be done in A4 printers because A4 printers only allow printing on A4 paper.

Finally, the A3 printer has quite high print performance, up to 55 pages per minute, which is superior to the performance of the A4 printer. Furthermore, the memory of the A3 printer is also better than the A4 printer while the memory cost is not much different. Therefore, the A3 printer deserves to lead in this race for its outstanding features compared to the A4 printer.

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Printing methods

Depending on the printer type, A3 and A4 printers have two different printing methods: laser printing and inkjet printing.

The inkjet method uses ink based on the color factor, so the print product is less blurred, while laser printing is the process of drying the powder material until it sticks to the paper.

The printing speed of inkjet printers is often more intense than that of laser printers. Therefore, depending on the needs of users, it is possible to choose a suitable printing method.

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The role of A3 printers in modern printing

Today, you can see that A3 printers are important in many different fields. For example, in the field of education, the printed materials are used for learning, saving time.

If you do not have a printer, you will spend a lot of time manually copying the documents for study and research.

In business, the A3 printer is a very important tool. We can easily see that every day many leaflets, newspapers, cards, brochures, posters appear before our eyes.

These are the promotional tools that businesses choose to introduce and transmit information to customers, although nowadays, online advertising is also very developed, but businesses can not help but use the methods. Traditional advertising to customers.

With modern printing, we are free to create freely and do not need to be confined to certain frameworks. So the printing is developing rapidly with modern technology today.

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What Is A3 Printer

So, what is this printer?

In short, the A3 printer is one of the printers with many outstanding advantages, used in large-sized and medium-sized printing, serving many different human printing purposes.

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