Many people ask the question: “Why Laptop is Better than PC?” The answer to that question is not simple and it’s a matter of preference.

Some people like laptops because they are portable, but others say that it doesn’t have as much functionality as a computer does.

Regardless of which side you’re on, there are many benefits to owning one over the other. In this article we will go over why laptop is better than pc and why it may be better for your needs!

Desktop computer vs laptop computer

why laptop is better than pc
With the advent of more powerful laptops, desktops are starting to look like old technology. Laptops now have better battery life and can be used on-the-go without fear of running out of power while portable computers still require a nearby outlet for electricity.

Desktops also tend not to come with touchscreens, which can sometimes make them difficult to use if you’re coming from a laptop or tablet background.

Laptop computer is cheaper than desktop computer in most cases because they’re manufactured by different companies that specialize in making each type of device instead of just one company specializing in both types that’s why PC costs less compared to laptops.

When it comes down to speed – many people will argue that a desktop computer is faster than a laptop.

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Reasons Why Laptops are Better than Desktops

So, there is a main reasons why laptop are better than desktops:

  1. Laptops have a better battery life
  2. Desktops cannot be used on the go without an outlet
  3. Touchscreens are not available for desktops
  4. There’s less competition among laptop manufacturers so they’re cheaper than PC.
  5. Laptop is more portable because of its size and weight. You can carry

Which is better a desktop or a laptop

There are many factors to consider when deciding which is better. You might want a laptop because it’s more portable and you need battery life, or you might just be looking for the best performance possible in your desktop computer. It really depends on what your needs are.

Laptops have made desktops look outdated with their touchscreens, lighter weight and better battery life. But desktops still have their advantages such as being able to do more complex things than laptops that use simple processors.

It’s hard to say which is better, but it really depends on what you’re looking for in a computer and your budget too.

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Why is a laptop more popular than a desktop

In general:

  • You can use it anywhere, even if there’s no outlet;
  • They’re cheaper than PC;
  • Laptops are lighter in weight and more portable with a better battery life because they don’t come with all the extra components of desktops. – Touchscreens are not available for desktop computers.

Disadvantages of Laptop Over Desktop Computer

Laptop is more portable and you can use it anywhere without an outlet but at the same time it’s easier to break. It depends what your needs are when deciding between buying one of these two types of computers.

You might need portability so that could be why you chose a laptop over desktop computer!

Laptops are less powerful than desktops because they don’t have all the extra components.

Touchscreens on laptops are not as responsive to user input, which can make them difficult for users coming from a laptop or tablet background.

Laptops Vs Other Devices

why laptop is better than other devices

Laptops Vs Chromebooks

There are many differences between laptops and Chromebooks. Laptops usually have a higher price than Chromebooks, can only be used when there’s an outlet nearby while Chromebooks work offline.

Laptops also come with touchscreens which is not available on most of the Chrome OS devices but still some old ones like Pixelbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab S series that use Android apps from Google Play store for better user experience.

Chrome OS-based computers require an internet connection to access all their features such as email, media streaming services or even text editing software since they were designed to run Web browser in tablet form factor so you really need a stable internet connection at home if you want to take full advantage of your laptop running Chrome.

Laptops Vs Tablets

Laptops and tablets are two very different devices. Tablets usually have a higher price than laptops, but they’re lighter in weight and less portable with shorter battery life because of their smaller size.

Tablet is more popular now because it has touch screen which laptop doesn’t offer (some models do come with touchscreen like iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface) so using tablet feels more natural as you don’t need to search for the right button on keyboard every time when inputting something.

The downside is that there’s no physical clicky buttons on your device so if you want to press some key then user experience might be frustrating sometimes. On other hand, desktop keyboards offers a lot better tactile feedback compared to any type of tablet inputs without physical button and it’s less stressful on your fingers too.

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Classic laptops Vs Apple laptops

There are many differences between Apple laptops and any other type of laptops. One difference is the design, some people like classic laptop look while others prefer to get MacBook or Macbook Pro because it has a more compact build but thinner edge.

The price is also different when comparing them with regular Windows-based laptops. MSRP for most models of MacBook starts at $999 which means there’s no budget option in this case unless you buy used model from third party reseller on Amazon marketplace or Ebay site.

If you’re going to need touchscreen then your only options will be iPad Pro that uses iOS operating system so if Microsoft Surface does come with touch screen then I would recommend considering getting one since user experience feels much better than any tablet.

Traditional Laptops vs 2-in-1 Laptops

There are many differences between traditional laptops and two-in-one devices. The biggest one is that the device can come with touchscreen which will make your user experience a lot better when you’re typing something or navigating through different screens on the desktop environment.

Since there’s no physical keyboard to press each key on it instead of touching them directly for input like you would do in tablet form factor but then again, laptop doesn’t have touch screen so if you prefer touchscreens over keyboards then go with hybrid model.

If battery life is important to you, then I recommend getting an option with longer battery life because most of these devices start at around 50 minutes while regular laptops last up to 15 hours without needing charge (depends what type).

Gaming Laptops Vs Gaming PCs

If you’re a gamer then I recommend choosing one of these two options. You can either get desktop PC or gaming laptop. Desktop PCs offer better performance than any other device, they have larger screens and higher graphics card with more RAM which means that some games might not work on laptops even though most recent models come packed with powerful hardware like NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti for 1080p resolution.

But their battery life is worse so it’s important to find out if the game you want to play supports windowed mode or has a low enough system requirement before buying this type of computer because in such case you won’t be able to use your machine without plugging it into an outlet nearby while Chromebooks work offline too!

Laptops Vs SmartPhone

Most people don’t consider laptop an option when choosing between these two devices. Smartphones offer better mobility and portability, not to mention they’re much cheaper but if you want something more powerful then I recommend getting a tablet or laptop because it’s faster and offers better multitasking experience than any phone on the market does today.

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Final words
Laptops are a great option for people who need to work on the go but may not be as effective if you only have one device.

The best way to find out what will suit your needs is by thinking about how often and in which situations, such as at home or away from an office building, you use laptops so that there would not be any unnecessary restrictions imposed on them when they’re needed most.

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