Many people have noticed that their laptop cameras are not as good as what they are used to. In this article, we will answer a frequently asked question: “Why My Laptop Camera So Bad”. We will discuss why laptops cameras are bad and how to make them better.

Why is my laptop camera so bad?

why laptop camera so bad

A lot of people believe that the camera on their laptop is bad. The truth is, it’s not actually a rubbish webcam; there are just a few things you should know about your notebook webcam to make sure it works properly and captures everything with clarity.
  • Make sure that light sources aren’t shining into the lens – those bright spots will become blurry blobs in your video chat or photo. Try turning off overhead lights if they’re distracting nearby, or switch them for softer bulbs when possible (or use lamps). You may also try moving closer to your subject so they fill more of the frame with less background distractions.
  • Watch out for physical obstructions like shadows cast from hands holding objects over an object being photographed/filmed or hair that’s been swept across the camera by wind.
  • Avoid looking at your webcam when you are near it – this can be a problem if you use two webcams for video calls (one facing forward and one on the laptop).
  • Check your software settings to make sure they’re correct, particularly brightness/contrast levels. You may need to adjust these so both of you look good in frame while still being able?to see clear differences between light and dark areas of the scene. It also helps with colors: changing contrast levels will affect them too, from adding saturation to making everything more washed out.?
  • If all else fails, consider purchasing an external webcam.

Why Are We Still Using Bad Laptop Webcams In 2021

With so many advancements in technology, you would think that people with laptops are using one of the better web cameras available. Instead we still have this problem where laptop web cams are not up to par and a lot of people make fun of it because they’re just really bad quality when compared to other things like smartphone or tablet camera?s.

First off, let’s talk about why most webcam models for laptops aren’t as good as others. The first reason is probably pretty obvious – size! It doesn’t matter how high tech your webcam can be if it’s too small; there won’t be enough room to fit all the features that would make it a great webcam!

The second reason is because these web cams are typically mounted on or near the top of your screen, which can result in distortion from tilting back and forth while using them. If you’re looking for something on a desk (like an object) then this isn’t too much of a problem but if you want to use the camera as well for streaming video games or chats with friends/family that may not be so easy.

Webcams meant specifically for laptops don’t have some features like HDR, better low light performance, more viewing angles, etc., which comes standard in most other models. This lack of quality has been going on for so long that it’s a running joke and the majority of people think there won’t be an improvement soon.

In regards to why we’re still using bad laptop web cams in 2021, I’m not really sure how to answer this question. All I know is that most people would like something better but they just dont have any other options!

How To Improve Laptop Camera Quality

You can also use a tablet camera or smartphone for video chats, which are really high quality and will be able to show you in vivid detail!

If all else fails, consider purchasing an external webcam instead. You can find them at pretty much any electronics store nowadays.
  1. External Webcam – This device attaches to your laptop and provides high quality video chatting capabilities. You can find them at pretty much any electronics store nowadays (Amazon/Walmart/Target/Best Buy).
  2. Laptop Stand – Multiple models exist but this accessory makes things easier by elevating the screen height while also providing other benefits like improved cooling, more desk space and a smoother touchpad experience.
  3. Tablet Camera – This type of camera is built into the device at the time of purchase so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll work with your laptop! If two people are chatting over Facebook Messenger for example, one person can just hold their tablet up to the camera and it’ll automatically start video chatting!
  4. Smartphone Camera – The built in cameras on a phone are also high quality, but you have to be careful because they can distort if you’re too close or too far away from them. This is why some people purchase an external webcam instead of using their smartphone’s cam (the external webcam is typically larger which means it will be less distorted!).

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