Many people have found themselves frustrated by how to unlock their Toshiba laptop keyboard.

There are many different reasons why this may happen, and it is important that you know how to react in order to get your computer back up and running without any hassle!

Follow these steps below for how to unlock a Toshiba laptop keyboard!

What is the difference between a Toshiba and other laptops?

how to unlock a Toshiba laptop keyboard
Toshiba makes laptops that are very durable and reliable. They tend to be less expensive than other brands because they’re not as well known.

Their products aren’t the absolute top-of-the-line but you can still get a great computer at an affordable price.

Toshiba’s laptops are generally lighter than the average laptop and they tend to have longer battery life.

Tips on How to Unlock a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard

There are a few ways to unlock a Toshiba laptop keyboard.

  1. The most common way is to use the function key and the Num Lock key;
  2. Another way is by using the Windows logo key and the letter R on the keyboard;
  3. Finally, you can use a USB keyboard if you have one available.

Next, we will consider each of these methods in more detail.

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Turn Num Lock off on Toshiba laptop

The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the Num Lock key. This is located in the top row of your keyboard, and it’s usually marked with a small N. Once you’ve turned it off, you should be able to press the keys on your keyboard without them registering as numbers.

If your laptop has an illuminated keyboard, you may want to turn it off as well. This can be done by pressing the Fn and Esc keys at the same time.

If your laptop has a number pad on the right side of the keyboard, you’ll need to press the Num Lock key on that pad in order to use it. The Num Lock key is usually located in the bottom row of the number pad, and it’s usually marked with a small N.

tip on how to unlock a Toshiba laptop keyboard

If you’re still having trouble typing numbers on your keyboard, you may want to try pressing the Fn and Num Lock keys at the same time. This will activate the number lock on your laptop keyboard.

Reinstall the keyboard drivers for Toshiba laptop

If the keyboard isn’t working at all, it may be a driver issue. You can try to reinstall the keyboard drivers. This is how you do it:

  • Go to Control Panel > Device Manager.
  • Expand Keyboards and right-click on your Toshiba keyboard device.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • When you get back on your computer, go to device manager again and this time follow the steps for how to add a device. You should see an option called “keyboard” or “Toshiba keyboard”. Go ahead and choose it.

This will reinstall the drivers so that the laptop can recognize the keyboard again.

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Check your Toshiba keyboard settings

While there are many ways to fix how do you unlock a Toshiba laptop keyboard, the first thing that should be done is checking your computer’s settings.

  • Track locks can often prevent how do I unlock my Toshiba laptop keyboard. To make sure this isn’t affecting how to unlock your Toshiba laptop keyboard press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc” to open the Task Manager.
  • If you see a process called “Toshiba InputMethod Service” in the list of running processes, then this is likely your issue.
  • End the task and restart your computer. This will reset how do I unlock my Toshiba laptop keyboard back to default.

If you’re still how do I unlock my Toshiba laptop keyboard then your problem is likely due to a hardware issue.

check your Toshiba keyboard settings

USB keyboard for Toshiba laptop

If your laptop keyboard is not working, you may be able to use a USB keyboard instead. Connect the USB keyboard to an open port on your laptop and restart your computer. Your computer should automatically recognize the new keyboard and start using it.

If your laptop has a built-in trackpad or if you are using a wireless mouse, you may also want to disable the trackpad or mouse.

Some laptops have a function key that can be used to toggle the trackpad on and off. Other laptops may require you to go into the control panel and disable the trackpad from there.

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Virtual keyboard on Toshiba laptop

Toshiba’s virtual keyboard for their latest laptops is a great feature which allows you to quickly find and open various applications by hovering your finger on certain areas of the screen.

This is how it works – when you hover over an application with your finger, a small window appears showing shortcuts that can be used to launch this specific app.

The bottom part of the screen features commonly used functions such as volume control or playback buttons so those are always within reach even if you don’t have dedicated multimedia keys at hand.


This article was specifically written with tips on how to fix problems yourself so that you can avoid having to pay expensive fees in order to get your keys fixed and still have access to your Toshiba at all times!

This way, they will know what their options are when something does go wrong instead of just automatically assuming that they must buy an entirely new machine.

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