Gamers often use the Discord software to text, chat, or video calls to exchange gaming experiences.

But when asked about the app’s data consumption, it didn’t seem to be their concern. How much data does discord use per hour?

The answer depends on what functions you use in this app and what kind of devices you use it with.

In a short, the amount of data Discord uses within an hour is not a certain number, but it fluctuates more or less depending on the user of the application.

The data numbers are always different when people use Discord for video calling, audio calling, or voice chat.

Discord functions

how much data does discord use per hour
Discord is a piece of software created to facilitate communication between gamers while playing games.

It carries functions such as text messaging, voice chat, and video call for the convenience of users with different communication needs.

Discord is also used as normal communication software such as Messenger or Skype to chat and communicate with friends and relatives.

How much data does discord use?

It seems that this question has never been answered correctly because data usage still depends on whether you use Discord for text messaging or voice chat or video calling.

Each of these application door communication functions consumes a different average amount of data.

Besides, the amount of data consumed on different types of devices is different and may vary both on devices of the same type.

Using Discord on a computer often consumes a lot of data while the amount of mobile data consumed when using Discord on a smartphone is less.

Besides, the amount of data that Discord consumes for the same function in two devices of the same type may differ slightly due to being affected by applications running in the background.

How much data does discord voice chat use?

Voice chat in other applications is a form of message communication in the form of sound recorded from the device’s microphone.

Sound is recorded with different file sizes depending on the length of recording, the intensity of sound, and many other factors. The audio file will be sent immediately after recording or canceled according to the needs of the communicating subject.

However, in Discord, voice chat is a live talk mode that allows the microphone to be always open for voice recording. Players have the right to turn on or off the microphone to talk or keep silent whenever they want.

We can find out how much data is being consumed for this activity by going to the settings and checking the phone’s data management settings.

How much data does discord call use?

According to one statistic, to consume 1MB of data it takes 125 seconds for a mobile device to make a discord call.

Thus, you can immediately calculate the number of data consumed by a smartphone in 1 minute is about 491klbs.

We continue to calculate so to get the data consumed in 1 hour is approximately 29MB.

How much data does a video call use?

Video calling on Discord as well as other communication applications requires both video and sound. Therefore, the data consumption will be significantly more than that of voice chat and audio calls.

According to statistics, every minute of video calling on Discord takes an average of 12Mbs. So one hour of video calls can consume 720Mbs on average, equivalent to about 0.7Gbs.

Video calling is a good feature for socializing, but in the exchange of experiences for gamers, this feature is often less commonly used by them. Instead, the voice chat feature is the most used.

How Much Data Discord Use: Final words

The amount of data Discord use varies depending on the user and what they are using it for.

Data usage is different for video calling, audio calling, or voice chat.

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