While using Chrome, many people have some problems and ask: “Why is my search bar black on chrome?”.

There are several reasons to answer this question.

However, the most common reason for the black coloration on Chrome’s search bar is due to the color setting in the dark state.

This setting can be on the device, operating system, or browser settings.

What is Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free website published by Google that is used to access websites on the Internet to link and find information. As of April 2019, it is the most popular web browser used worldwide, accounting for 60% of the web browser market share.

Google Chrome is also a cross-platform browser with a full range of versions that work on computers, smart mobile devices, and different operating systems.

How to use Chrome?

Using Google Chrome is like using another default web browser on your current computer like Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.

When you want to search for information on any page through Chrome, you have to enter the URL of the web address and type the word you want to find in the address bar at the top and press Enter on the keyboard or click the Go button. / Search on the screen.

Chrome includes the basic features of every type of browser in use today such as a back button, forward button, refresh button, history, bookmarks, toolbar, and settings.

Chrome’s popular default color on the search bar

As we all know, Google Chrome is a very popular search engine developed by Google. Normally, we use Chrome as the default browser to find information without regard to the settings of this browser or the device.

Most computer devices, as well as phones today, display a white interface with Chrome, so when Chrome’s search bar is black, we often ask ourselves the question “why is my google search bar black? “. This is not a very uncommon question in the process of using the largest search engine globally.

Why is my google search bar black?

why is my search bar black on chrome
The first cause of google chrome search bar black is most likely due to your device’s settings. When you want the device to work in dark mode to save battery power or protect eyes from the device light at night, users often turn on night mode.

This mode will likely affect all apps and browsers present on the device, so Chrome will most likely be affected under this setting as well.

The second reason may be due to the theme setting of the operating system on your computer. For example, Windows 10 operating system has 2 options in theme settings, that is light theme and dark theme.

If Chrome’s search bar on your device is black, chances are its operating system is installed in a dark theme mode.

And if the cause of the black in Chrome’s search bar doesn’t come from either of the above two reasons, it’s most likely coming from the browser’s default settings.

For example, when Chrome 74 is installed on my computer, carries Windows 10 operating system; or Chrome 73, installed on my phone, has MacOS, the question “why is my google page black?” will be answered satisfactorily with the words “default”.

If the cause of the black in Chrome’s search bar doesn’t come from either of the above two reasons, it’s most likely coming from the browser’s default settings.

Find solutions to this problem

Why is my google page black? When I answered the question above, knowing the reasons for this, I felt more uncomfortable. I wonder again how to change the color of the search bar when I searched for something on Chrome.

I believe that everyone feels the same way. Finding a solution is the best way to give each of us a better experience every time we use our favorite search engine and each of the above reasons has solutions to change the black of the bar when searching in Chrome.

First, you should check if your device has a night mode setting. To check, you can go to the device’s Settings, the display settings are usually the place to select and deselect modes related to the display.

Depending on the device that the word used can be different, but in essence, the options do not change. After you choose daytime mode again, you should check to see if the search bar on Chrome is still black or not.

In case the device’s operating system is the culprit that creates the black of the search bar on Chrome, you should check it by going to Settings, selecting Personalization, continuing to choose Color, and the “Choose your default app mode” appears. In the end, you just need to uncheck Dark and it is done.

If you do the above two methods and the search bar is still black, chances are the third method will work. If the default setting of the Chrome version is black, you will need to use a theme software to help change the color of the search bar.

Nowadays, there is a lot of theme software developed by many vendors, you can completely search for supported software on the Internet and follow the vendor’s instructions to change Chrome settings. Besides, updating to new Chrome versions is also a way to change the default settings of older versions.

Finally, if the above methods cannot change the black in the search bar, you should try to delete the Chrome browser, restart your device and reload it again. Sometimes there are a few errors caused by a device or browser that also messes the color of the search bar.

Why is my google chrome search bar black

In short, Google Chrome sometimes displays the search bar in black due to some errors stemming from device settings, operating system, and browser settings. This is the most satisfactory answer to the question “why is my search bar black?”.

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