If you have an Amazon echo plus a smartthings hub then it’s possible to connect the motion sensor directly to your voice activated speaker without using any hubs.

How to Connect motion sensor for smartthings to Alexa Without Hub

how to connect smartthings motion sensor to alexa without hub
To do this, download the SmartThings app for iPhone or Android phones and create an account with either Gmail or Facebook – each of these methods is free so pick whichever one you prefer; go to the smartapp section and select “smartthings cloud.”

Then, register for a free account on IFTTT – this is necessary in order to connect your wireless motion sensor with Amazon echo so do it as soon as possible; open the app and tap on search then type in “motion detection.” From there, choose “motion sensor – iris” and tap connect; select configure trigger to set the motion detector up with echo plus smartthings.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, open your Alexa app on your phone and go through the usual process for setting it up as a new device. Ask Alexa for weather updates, turn lights or appliances on off and much more. You can also group several smart products together such as lights and motion sensors in order to control them with a single command – do this by going back into the Alexa app, selecting “Smart Home” then “Discover devices” from the menu options at the top of your phone’s screen.

You will now be able to control your smart outlets with Alexa plus motion sensors; simply ask Alexa to turn “office light” or “living room lights” on/off and she will do so.

To make it even easier for you, download the Amazon echo compatible app called SmartThings – this is by far one of our favorite apps developed specifically for use with Amazon echo plus smartthings because it allows you to control your entire home with voice commands.

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